Apart from being attractive to look at, our kitchens are ergonomically designed with complimentary accessories and features to help you maximise the usable space in your kitchen.

  • For hard to reach corners, we have 4 separate accessories to choose from, depending on the space and requirements.
  • Some of them pull-out, some of them swivel, while some pull-out and swivel!
  • Your KITCHENSPACE designer will recommend the most suitable accessory for you.
For pantry and dry food storage, consider installing one of our retractable storage mechanisms. These storage units should be located near your fridge, to improve the work flow in your kitchen. Plates and cutlery are often the most cluttered spaces in kitchens. We recommend large format drawers kitted out with compartmental storage dividers. Plastic, steel, glass and metal inserts are available, depending on your budget.

  • New door opening mechanisms make wall cabinets more useful than ever.
  • Bifolding doors open upwards in an accordian style – great for tight spaces.
  • Oblique doors move upwards in a sail-like fashion – affording full view of all the contents inside.

Our partners in Italy are constantly researching and innovating ideas to improve your kitchen.
Many new features are unique to us such as:
  • Light box shelving in your wall units
  • worktop storage modules
  • Plate drying racks behind your sink
  • Curved islands
  • Porcelain cabinet doors
  • Pivoting breakfast bars
Ask your KITCHENSPACE designer to recommend something to make your kitchen absolutely unique.

  • Tables and chairs to match your kitchen in any colour or material.
  • Wooden, Glass, laminate or acrylic - 4 seater, 6 seater – round, square. oval or extendable.

  • Often considered the jewellery of the kitchen, this is a very important decision.
  • Browse through the kitchen collection on this site to get a flavour of the handles we offer.

Have us give you a fast quote, or visit your home.