When making the decision to change your kitchen, you will find that it is very hard to get good advice.

A kitchen salesman's objective is to fit as many of his cabinets into your room as possible.

Sometimes it can be hard for you, the homeowner, to evaluate the full potential of your room because you are used to looking at it in its present format.

That is why it's important to get a fresh perspective from a different pair of eyes.

Being architecturally trained, we look at the Kitchen Space as a whole – and not just the wall where we can put cabinets.

The first step is to carry out a survey of the physical limitations of the room. Sometimes, we will recommend that you make some structural changes to the room.

All of this of course is subject to the budget you wish to spend.

Then after we listen to your ideas and expectations, we prepare a plan based on these and one that is suited to the budget you are comfortable with.

After a further discussion, we will present the kitchen to you with some 3d sketches and samples of the materials we propose to use.

We also provide an overview of the whole project cost, not just the cabinets.

KITCHENSPACE can supervise the whole project for you to ensure that the budget doesn't overrun.

Whilst we do sell kitchens, we are first and foremost 'Kitchen Architects'. Creating beautiful kitchens that are practical to use is our priority.

There will be no pushy salesmen pressuring you to buy. It is important to enjoy the process of designing your new kitchen and we are here to help.

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